Cheap PAYG Camera Phone on Vodafone

    Hi guys

    Old man has a PAYG Vodafone Nokia 3400 Yes that old dinosaur.

    He wants a new phone now as I broke his screen

    He's a bit of a technophobe as well so don't want anything too fancy.

    Just wondering if someone can suggest a phone (needs Vodafone or unlocked as he has £50 credit on current sim)

    Seen the SE280 or Nokia 2630 banded about - what's better?

    Don't really know what the difference between 1.3mp camera and a VGA Camera?

    Cheers for your help



    1.3mp is the one to go for VGA is 640*480, 1.3mp is 1280*1024

    Try and get him a K800i or a Nokia 6230i they are two good solid phones

    how did you break this old man's screen if you don't mind me asking... sounds interesting

    Original Poster

    Cheers guys.

    I do in fact have a K800i spare but too sophisticated for him :-D

    I don't think he will take too many pictures anyway but having never used a VGA camera phone just wondered what the quality of images was like - are they really bad?

    I broke his phone by swapping over a detachable cover and the lcd screen just cracked..... :x - mind you it was filthy already and the plastic cover had a crack through the screen part.

    A Nokia 3110 Classic would probably be a good phone as he is used to Nokia - it's so simple to use, has a 1.3mp camera and a micro sd card slot.
    Ebay is probably your best bet for price.

    Original Poster

    Cheers mate. They are a bit expensive though - £40 upwards. Was hoping for about £20-£30 really.
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