Cheap PC. Barebones or basic to upgrade.

Found 24th Aug 2005
Any links will be very much welcomed..

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Have you looked at Novatech, Misco, eBuyer?

I'll think of some more...
id say to look at local computer shops (none of the big chain firms like pcworld) or eBuyer.co.uk or Aria.co.uk both offer good quality stuff at fairly low prices. Plus customer support is fairly good too

You won't beat the value for money here
I've got 2 x 1.7ghz P4 systems for sale. hardly been used and re-cased. only looking for 90 quid a pop. they're going on ebay, but yours if you want them.

Good luck
Whats the rest of the spec Phil?
I'm not looking for upgradable. I'm looking for super-built! Have you tried building from scratch? You can get components quite cheap in some places... I've found it cheaper to get a high-spec to begin with though.
woops sorry, yeah the rest of the spec might have helped!

All I know, as they're under a pile of others, is that they are P4's, 1.7ghz. they've got 256mb ram in them but it has 3 slots. an agp graphics card is installed, possibly an ati, 16mb effort. There is onboard sound too. a intel pci network card is in there too. previously these had maxtor 20gb hard disks in there, so i'd say that should be present along with a 52x LG cdrom drive.

the machines are identical by looking at them, both also have unused Coa's for xp pro on the outside! so a bit of a bonus!
i've got 2 cases on order, but they cost 50 notes, so for quick sell, they can go as they are (in desktop cases) for 90 pounds a piece.

hope that helps, i can accept paypal, cash or cheque. I reckon i could get them shipped for a tener a piece, or maybe from fordy's ups deal for 7.99???
Thanks to all who've replied. I took the initial advice and had a look locally.

Picked up a 64bit athlon xp with bells and whistles for under £300. Quite chuffed actually.

Thanks for the help though!!!
64-bit? WOW! What were the other specs?
Rewriter / Radeon / 512 RAM / 80 Gig

Happy Monkey
PS Thanks for the help from everyone on this
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