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Found 4th Dec 2007
My dad has asked me to look for a PC for my mum, she's 60 & will only really be using it to surf internet (maybe even for a new husband?). Anyway, I don't need anything top spec, & was looking at these:




hope the links work, & don't all laff at once. Any help would be appreciated as I'm not too clever when it comes to PC's :roll:

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For just internet access, there are cheaper options than buying a pc. The cheapest is going to your local library and getting it for free. There is the 2nd hand pc route, especially the companies that do recycled ones for around £100 with a monitor. If you feel you want new then the one posted by ascot would be sufficient, remember you need a screen with it though, or perhaps a Playstation 3 for around the £250-£280 mark

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many thanks, I'm gonna go with ebuyer one, with an acer monitor from amazon. I appreciate both your input
not sure what she would do with a PS3 though?:giggle:
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