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    Hi there,

    I need to buy some PC speakers, just a cheap set of 2 but they must have 3.5mm jack. I have noticed that a lot of PC speakers connect via USB now so I am struggling to find a set that actually state they use the 3.5mm jack connection. Can anyone help?

    For example, I have found this:…spx
    But I don't know if that is USB or 3.5mm jack...

    Thanks for any help.


    ive never used speakers with a usb mate, its always a 3.5 jack so those tesco ones would be 3.5

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    Hmm, any idea if they would stock them in my local store?

    give them a ring and ask them to find out for you.

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    I just need some really cheap ones as they won't be used very often at all and when used quality isn't important...

    Bear in mind that some speakers that use USB are only doing so for the power, they still connect with a 3.5" jack. For example, these ones: ]http//ww…-4/.

    The trend to be USB-powered is strange to me, as there's not much coming out of a USB port so it will give you a minimal boost anyway.…nre

    I have these. They are very good. I don't need them any more as I have just bought a Bravia & home cinema system so can connect laptop to them.

    I am happy to sell them to you if you are interested.

    I have a pair of spare speakers, good quality, you can have for £5.00. I can put up a photo tomorrow, if you are interested. Only thing is, they are quite heavy, so I'll have to check out postage. Where are you? I'd be happy for you to collect - I'm in N.London
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