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Found 20th Mar 2006
Hi guys,

I've just been moving all my stuff out of my study to get new carpets fitted tomorrow - and silly me plugged my modem power lead into my speakers & blew them up

Any speakers out there that are decent enough for gaming, but realtively cheap ?

Thanks in advance
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How about these flat USB powered speakers for £9.08, they look pretty cool but i'm not sure what the sound will be like. But you can't blow them up again seeing as they're USB powered

Bigpockets has a special offer with this item meaning you get free postage with them.
So if you wanted blank dvds or one of the 1GB usb memory sticks (only £19.99!) you should get em with the speakers and save a couple of quid.

Thanks Rags - but it looks like they are only 1W ???
Can anyone explain this to me please ?

They have 100 Watt PMPO - but the actual spec is :

Watt (RMS)

1W x 2RMS (USB)

3W x 2RMS (5V)
I've ordered them anyway - only £9

Thank you - karma given

ps - if anyone can explain the above, it would be appreciated
Hi Chris

Watts RMS

This is a reliable measure of the power output of an audio amplifier, or the power handling of a loudspeakers average power. RMS stands for root mean square. The "RMS" power is found by averaging the instantaneous power output over a long period of time, so it is actually the average power or mean power.

Peak Music Power Output (PMPO) (also Peak Momentary Performance Output)

A much more dubious measure of more interest to advertising copy-writers than to consumers. The PMPO is calculated by the vendor or tester of the speakers as the maximum power in watts available under perfect conditions that are impossible to achieve in practical use. Few sound systems can sustain their PMPO for more than a few milliseconds without being destroyed.

"Music Power" is a somewhat arbitrary multiplier based on the fact that amplifiers cannot provide full power for long, but can produce high power in short bursts. This allows them to reproduce normal audio, which has a high peak-to-average ratio. It is usually about twice the "RMS" value but like PMPO varies by manufacturer.
Nice one - Karma given
Hi Chris, am interested in buying the speakers too...any feedback ?

Thanks a million !!!
I've only ordered them today mate. 2 - 3 days delivery.

I'll let you know what they are like asap - the feedback on the site is good though
Hi SillyCash - I set my speakers up last night and they do look good

The sound is perfect for what I need them for (Gaming etc) - but I wouldnt say they would be great if you liked to play a lot of music loud on your PC.

Once they reach a certain threashold, the sound becomes "muffled" - but then again, they are perfect for "normal" sound levels & are only £9 !!
Yo Chris, thanks for the feedback !! In that case, I think I might be going for Boynq speakers. I bumped onto their website yesterday. Looks nice !! and for another 5 pounds i think. Enjoy yours !!
i got some logitech ones from pc world when they were on special....... only 2.1s as my soundcard isnt upto 5.1 but these are the best 2.1s i've ever heard and were only £19 with store pick up!
got this off of mailing sent to me from aldi £ 5.99


A pair of contemporary-design, mini desktop speakers that will add depth and tone to your PC sounds beautifully.

5 watt RMS multimedia PC speakers
Convenient volume and tone controls on speaker
Complete with sound card connection cable
Built-in stereo amplifier

don't know if this is of any use now that youv'e got your speakers though,
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