Cheap Pepsi Required

    I am looking for a good deal on lots of cans of Pepsi.

    I've seen a post about £1 for 6 cans in Woolies which looks pretty good (if my local Woolies have them in that is).

    I'm wondering if a cash and carry would be cheaper if I bought the big trays of them instead.

    If anyone has seen any good deals then I would be grateful if you could let me know.


    It was on BOGOFF for 6 pack of cans in sainsburys when i was last in on Thursday, £2.45 for 12 cans therefore


    doh just about to mention the woolies deal.

    has been a woolies deal for about two months and was still on last week

    At Tescos they got 6 pks 2 for £3.50 but I didn't buy that offer as a 24 pk was available to me when I ordered online earlier,so depends what your Tesco store offer.The 24 pks may only be sold in larger stores.

    2 Pepsi Regular 24 X 330ml Pack Each £6.79 £13.58

    I ordered 2 pks,I can't be doing with carrying it home from elsewhere so get it in my shop,however its on offer at Sainsburys then I shop online there.I do a bit of both I guess each mth to take advantage of various offers.

    Heron (Freezer Store, bit like Iceland) has 5 for £1 all year round - a possible alternative if the 6 cans for £1 offer has gone

    They may also do 6 can multipacks in Poundland

    there buy 6 3litre bottles for £3.85 at safeway:-D

    Cash and carry is £5.79 + vat for 24

    the best year round deal is farm foods 12 cans £2

    Safeway whats that?

    Lidl do 5 cans for £1...
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