Cheap phone contract needed

    I needed a a deal for a very cheap phonce contract for my son, sim only as he already has a phone, even somthing like 100 free mins or text is enough.


    If your on virgin media for broadband like us you can get a free phone, 300 mins and 300 texts for £10 a month rolling contract. I got this deal and a sim only deal for the mrs because you're only allowed the one free phone. We cancelled sky and took the home phone line and broadband along with free to air channels basic tv pack for £26 a month. Sky sports, movies ect are extra but cheaper than sky. Well worth moving to virgin, IMO.…ans

    100mins, 500txts, 30 day rolling, £10/mo

    no need to switch your broadband or anything over like the virgin deal

    You might find a better bet is to have a payg with the same min/texts a month. That way he can't go over his limit and drop a huge bill on your mat one day.
    There are a number of threads on MSE where a parent has taken out a contact and the child (in all innocents) has racked up a bill for hundreds of pounds.

    yeh but if he already has a phone, surely hes educated in the use of a phone and wont run up the bill lol

    virgin do a sim only 200 mins 200 texts for £10 a month(no fixed contract,just month by month) and you will be given a credit limit so cant run up huge bills!
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