Cheap place to buy delivery packaging?

    Not looking for massive bulk, maybe 10 of each thing.

    Need jiffy bags, boxes, bubble wrap etc.

    Whee do you hardcore sellers get your supplies from?



    £1 shop

    Post Office.


    Post Office.Staples.

    he said cheap.

    I buy jiffy bags in 100's off eBay. £10.50 ish for 100 branded large letter jiffy bags.

    He also said "Not looking for massive bulk, maybe 10 of each thing"


    The store room at work like everyone else does

    Some people offer their used jiffy bags and parcel packaging on freecycle.
    Bubble wrap and boxes (used) from Tesco if you ask nicely.

    So many people re-use packaging materials, I think it's good for the environment and your wallet and so long as you use the 'good' ie not battered stuff and only used once items then it'll get there in just the same condition as if you had used new bits

    Garden centres can be great places to get bubble wrap as they sell it by the metre and every place I have got it from always pulls out far more then one metre but only charges for one.

    Otherwise pound shops like others have said.


    Me if you live close enough

    Ikea! There wrap is great really thick, when I did a recent shop I was naughty and put plenty round each glass, It covered me for quite a few ebay sales and was free!

    Original Poster

    Thanks for all the help guys.

    Post office is expensive. 100 is too many.

    Stolen from work sounds good and Tescos for bubble wrap.
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