Cheap place to get plasma television regassed?

Found 24th Aug 2011
Its coming up to 2 years now and my plasma screen seems much dimmer than it use to be. Even worse the picture quality seems much worse than I remember. So am thinking it is coming time to get it regassed. Does anyone have any recommendations? I would prefer to do it myself it that is a cheaper option. If I have to get someone in I would like to have a ballpark figure so I don't get ripped off.
(panasonic 42" plasma)

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Myth Plasma TVs leak gas and require periodic "re-charging"
Fact: Every plasma TV is a completely sealed unit. In fact, it's permanently sealed when the panel is manufactured. Each individual cell in a plasma panel is sealed. So, a plasma TV will never require any refilling or recharging of its neon-xenon gas.

Sadly, some salespeople at national retail chains have been known to tell customers not only that plasma TVs leak, but also that recharging the gas would be covered by an extended warranty! (This actually happened to well-known HDTV expert Gary Merson, who described the encounter in the September/October 2003 issue of The Perfect Vision.) If a salesperson ever tries to sell you this line, do yourself a favor and head for the door.

The luminance of the screen will gradually fade over the years, so it's best not to run one at maximum brightness from the outset. Contrary to popular myth, panels cannot be restored through "regassing". Plasma lifespans can now last between 30,000-60,000 hours (or 10 and 20 years with typical TV use).
is this a wind up lol
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