Cheap Place To Insure PS3

    Any one insure there PS3s really cheap?
    Or does anyne know what Sonys after care service costs?

    I bought that Game £199.99 160gb PS3 yesterday.


    I dont know much about ps3 specific insurance but I know you will have one years warranty from the place you purchased as per any electrical item bought in the uk. Under EU law it was supposed to be a minimum of 2 years but im not sure if the Uk has adopted this yet.

    Im sure some of the legal eagles on here will be able to give you more information.

    or, you can have a look on this website and you should find what your looking for. once your out of this statutory warranty period you can then think about insuring your ps3…ct/

    It is a minimum of 2 laws, if they argue mention the law and they give in.

    If you purchased your console from game within the last 30 days you can get 'gamecare'(or whatever its called) it will insure your ps3 and controllers for damage including accidental. I have this on both my xbox and ps3 and costs around £30? for 3 years.

    Worth every penny.
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