Cheap plastic storage boxes for garage?

    Anyone know where I can get cheap plastic storage boxes?

    Want to store stuff in my garage. Must be large (50litre+) and have lids.

    I like these, but theyre expensive…htm

    And these are cheap, but minimum order is five of one type (I need a range)…faw

    Anyone have good alternatives please?


    I got mine from Wilkos and Ikea very durable and cheap.

    Viking direct do the really useful boxes [url][/url] and I think there is a 20% code floating aound HDUK somewhere and they chuck in freebies depending on how much you've spent....

    Places like home bargains, Poundstretcher etc are also worth a look....

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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    Keen to look at Viking... but the site is currently screwed. :-(

    Morrisons sometimes do really good deals on storage boxes
    Alternatively you could try Homebase or Sainsbury's, but they don't tend to be very cheap. If you've got an 'In-Store' near you (think it's what Poundstretcher's been renamed), they can be pretty good. Also check out Focus - they sometimes have some pretty good special offers on those type of boxes..:)

    i got some great ones from sainsbury's 2 for a fiver ,,,, bargain

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    Thanks for your advice guys.

    I managed to order from Viking before midnight on Fri but, despite promises of delivery today (on their website, and verbally this morning), the goods still haven't arrived. Will be cancelling order and closing account tomorrow. Useless f**kers!

    Will check out a few local stores, I think. Thanks again.


    Tesco are offering triple club points at the moment

    Select to collect instore for free OR £4.85 delivery regardless of haw many ordered…y=7

    Strata 105L Wheeled Clear Mega Crate & Lid > Catalogue number: 100-6739 > £8.97

    Tesco 105L Clear Mega Crate Lid & Wheeled > Catalogue number: 200-5066 > £12.97

    Crystal 80L Box with Clear Lid > Catalogue number: 200-6892 > £8.97

    Curver 45L Unbreakable Box > Catalogue number: 200-6526 > £9.97

    Tesco 40L Flip Lid Crate > Catalogue number: 200-9274 > £5.97

    Tontarelli 40L Silver Crate with flip lid > Catalogue number: 100-7994 > £6.47

    Tontarelli 60L Folding Crate > Catalogue number: 100-8148 > £7.97

    Tontarelli 30L 6 Pack Jelly Lilac Storage Boxes > Catalogue number: 100-7939 > £7.97

    Tesco 25L Flip Lid Box 3 Pack > Catalogue number: 200-9091 > £9.97

    Ikea do them for around 60p.


    Ikea do them for around 60p.

    50+ L with lids for 60p???:w00t:


    50+ L with lids for 60p???:w00t:

    No this is wrong, they do not. When we bought a few boxes I thought they would be very cheap from Ikea but they are not.
    If I was you I wouldn't even bother with the ordeal of going in there. They do some boxes but I don't think they are 50L...and you have to buy the lids seperatley....I hope I have saved you a pointless trip!


    Asda have boxes about 2£ +, have look asda website

    I got some large boxes from Ikea (called Sluggys or similar) which were £9.99 each with a further £1.50 for lids. (You can also get coaster wheels seperately).

    I used these when I moved house and they are very durable and long-lasting.

    For work, we bought some of the Argos ones (3 for £20) and they were pretty useless and thin, and therefore the plastic split after a couple of days.

    Depending on what you're storing, I would recommend paying the bit extra and getting something that will last.

    Hope that helps !

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    Many thanks again for all the suggestions. Will have a good shop around.

    What a bunch of charlatans Viking are. Wasted a lot of time and effort with that company over the past week. :-(
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