Cheap Printer Cheap Ink

    hello, looking for a printer cheap and the ink cost CHEAP!


    I'm assuming you want an inkjet printer.

    ok well I'm not really up to date with printers themselves, not having bought one for about 6 years now. However, with regards to ink there are some very cheap ink cartridges out there which are compatibles.

    What does this mean? Well the ink is slightly lower quality than the genuine originals, but much much cheaper. So unless you want the finest quality printouts (e.g. photos) then these compatibles will be fine for you. They do however clog up the print head more quickly as there are more "impurities" within the ink, ultimately meaning that the printer will conk out earlier. However, the difference in price between compatibles and originals outweighs this IMHO.

    Also check that the printer can use compatibles - some (such as Epson I think) have "chipped" ink cartridges so that you can only use originals. I used to have a canon printer and bought compatible cartridges for about £1 for black and £3 for colour.

    Where can you get these compatibles from? There are pleeeeeeeeenty of companies around, some feature on HUKD from time to time, otherwise you could use Ebay (which is what I used to do until my printer died after about 4 1/2 years of use).

    I can't really advise you of which specific printer to buy, depends on what you want from it really.

    PS I have never seen lexmark compatible cartridges, so whilst the printers are very very cheap, ink is expensive!

    epson r220 around £80 (will be cheaper if you look round) but cartidges are cheap around £1 a pop.
    ive got one of these and a r300 never had a problem with them and ive printed 1000's of times with these printers and i mean 1000's.

    lexmarx all i can say is absolute crap.had 2 of these and they never lasted past the first set of catridges+they are expensive to run.

    i would personally go for epson.
    just my opinion:thumbsup:

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    hello, looking for a printer cheap and the ink cost CHEAP!

    ill be more pecif ok yes Ink Jet and cheap oringal ink
    i was looking here:…rue

    what printers takes that 99p oringal ink?

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