Cheap Prizes up to £2 each for adults...any ideas?

Found 24th Jul 2008
Hi, looking for cheap prizes up to £2 each for adults team meeting...any ideas?
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Cheap plonk works a treat :thumbsup:
:)try poundland some sented candles or make up bags for the ladies they have adidas aftershave for the men or dvds or you could get some national lottery scratch cards or lucky dips ;-)
try home bargains they have great stuff , you can even get 12 mates for £1.49 would be priceless to see the recipients face in front of ev1, though might not leave you so popular
the play.com ones look great but like a dimwit the meeting is on Tuesday so delivery from Play is a no go... will check out home bargains as there is one near me thanks
depends what you after when you say adults meeting did you want kinky stuff or just stuff like idk jewellery cos if the latter next and m&s have last few days of sale you might find few things there.

Also if you were wanting alcohol and not wanting to only get lambrussco as one of the few wines under a £2 a bottle.
Tesco currently have a selection of the mini bottles they about 25cl (1/3 of regular bottle) 2 for £3 and asda nearly always have 4 for £5, asda has a wide selection including cava but none to my taste. But personally i love the small bottles as when they on offer they work out about the same as whole bottle and 1 glass a wine is often enough if you just want a drink with dinner
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