Cheap projecter?

Found 22nd Sep 2008
where is the cheapest place to buy a projecter that will work with my playstation 3?
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I don't know much about the PS3 resolution, but have you tries searching on Pricerunner:
That helps quite alot, thanks. Is there any others?
Well any PJ will work if using the Yellow, red and white connections, but poor video.
But if wanted HDMI (I would better video) cost will be a lot more and bulbs will cost alot more
when I gotten my PJ, was reading and reading AVforums for advise,.
Mine accepts VGA so 360 works fine threw it but only 720p resolution

sweet for the ladys
Well, if you are looking for a cheapish projector, i'm looking to sell my one. It is by no means the best graphics (svga) but it has s cable and 3 component cables, as well as com cable connected. Also comes with all the original paperwork, carrier and remote. It is not the quietest projector out there either. But it cost almost £1.5k when i bought it new ( long long long time ago ). If you are interested, i'm looking at about £200ish for it. Have a look on projector central for EzPro 585 for the details If you are interested, let me know. I just don't have the space anymore for it.
How about this: misco.co.uk/app…198
Not very bright but it is damn cheap!
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