Cheap PS Vita memory cards or alternatives?

LocalFound 27th Apr 2016
Hi guys, Having tried a sandisk memory card in a ps vita, it became clear that sony have restricted the device to allowing on playstation memory card compatibility, or am I mistaken? anyway, the prices for these cards are extortionate, so hoping you guys can help me find them cheaper somewhere or a cheaper alternative memory card that is compatible??
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AFAIK there are no compatible memory cards (I own a PS Vita too). PS Vita memory cards are proprietary, so only Sony's own will do. Check eBay for used ones or Amazon. Also check Japanese retailers as sometimes it is worth importing them (i.e. cost + postage still cheaper than buying in the UK).

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the vita memory card is also designed in a way that a micro sd adaptor cant be made that will fit in the vita. that's why there are none available, and very unlikely that they ever will be.

so your stuck with buying an original one.
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