Cheap PS2s - £50 deals?

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Found 2nd Apr 2007
I know that a while ago asda and currys were doing ps2s for £50 for limited times and I probably should have picked one up but my ps2 was working well at the time. Now my ps2 is scratching all my disks and I need a replacement.

So does anyone know if any shops are running £50 deals or where I can pick one up extra cheap?

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just get a ps3. its only £350 more lol

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If I wanted to spend loads of money do you think I'd really be signed up to hduk :roll:

The only thing I could suggest is getting a second hand unit from Gamestation for abou £60.......cheapest new seems to be Amazon at around £90.
Also look in places like cash converters,they usually have playstations,at least they do where I live,handed in for cash by the youngsters my OH works with!!(they spend their giro's on 'em then a couple of weeks later,when they have no money for food,beer and whatever they have to sell them again:roll: )

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Unfortunately I checked gamestation today and they sell their second hand ps2s with game bundles for £80. I asked how much they were without extra games and they said £80. And there isn't a cash converters round here.

If you live near a cex they sell the console for £68, a little cheaper unboxed. Though with cex you get a 12 month warranty.

Best price id say is choicesuk

Ps2 and eyetoy play for £80


is there a choicesuk 10% voucher around?

our ps2 died a horrible death last month so am also on the lookout for a sub £50 replacement.


Best price id say is choicesukPs2 and eyetoy play for £80

These are listed for £89.99


Is it slimline? If so ask someone very kindly if you can *borrow* their reciept and then take it back as faulty and ask for a replacement.

bumpin on up

fleabay is your best bet, i got one a year ago for 55

I'm selling my sons on fleabay. It comes up with disc error, but might be easy to fix, but I can't be bothered...

your about 1 month late for this deal asda was doing these for £50 , i would expect to get one for this price now anyways, they are old technology compared to whats out now.
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