Cheap PS3


    this is my first post on uk deals so bear with me if i seem clueless.

    im looking for a cheap PS3 for a birthday present for a mate. Im looking to spend at maximum £240 with the controller and wires etc but id consider raising that if there were any decent games included.

    i dont mind if its second hand or boxed!

    im looking forward to hearing from you - matt


    That's a good price.

    Hi matt,
    I have a 40GB version that I can sell to you for £250, it's brand new, and the box is unopened. Send me a message if you have an interest or need any questions answered, I'd be happy to help.


    This is my first post also, I think i used this site to find a ps3 deal the other day
    Just got an email from saying that my ps3 has been delivered, should be with me in next few days
    I went with because i use them alot, and trust them 100% .... in case there are any problems down the line, amazon are good for refunds and customer care aswell

    Anyways .... My PS3 from [url][/url] was the best deal i think .... for £265.99 I'm getting the 40gig ps3 with Devil may Cry 4 ... also getting GT5 prolouge for £17 extra seen as saved a bit on the price

    Its normally £280 but found a 5% off code on one of these sites .... think the code is "experience08" search for it and sure you'll find it easily .... just spotted a minute ago ... £5 off code when you spend £50 or more ... but missed out on this

    Also went through Nectar ... So i'll be getting some points aswell

    Hope this helps
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