Cheap ps3 games

I am after some cheap ps3 games for mt y son as cheap as possible already have quantum of solace,little big planet,assains creed , and that animal one with camera. can pay paypal. a racing game for two players would be good.



i got motorstorm and timeshift? £6ea

I've got resistance fall of man , no case - £4
Assassins creed - £8
Ratchet & Clank , Tools of destruction Asian game English language and Text - £6

have the golden compass £4 good condition slight crack in case was delivered that way.. has booklet too

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interested in ractchet anf clanket


interested in ractchet anf clanket

Its a good game , Just recently completed it , Disc is unmarked

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send me a message

Payment received .Thanks

Ninja Gaiden Sigma £8

No trading outside FS/FT allowed. OP, please read the rules before starting multiple threads. Infraction given.

PS: Locked FS/Ft thread here.

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