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I'm looking to go from glasgow to blackpool in November and was wondering if anyone knew how to get cheap rail tickets?


Apart from First Scot Rail do a promotion,and there as not been one in almost 6 mths,a way of discount is to have a railcard of some type,don't suppose you have children travelling with you,as then you could get a family railcard.
You get young persons railcard too I think,but you probably have to be under 25 or something.

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I never use rail so don't have a rail card and i'm just travelling down alone. I'm 24, so would it be worth while to get young persons rail card?

Sorry if stupid question, i always fly when going somewhere but no flights from glasgow.

Heres a link,the card is basically £20,and you save 1/3 on travel. It might even save you you some money even if just use it the once,read through the faq before you purchase.


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Cheers but it's just be for the once so don't think it'll save me anything unfortunatly.

The fares for November aren't on trainline.co.uk yet but I searched for the very end of October for you.

A one month open return would cost you £55.70 and you have to change at Preston for Blackpool from Glasgow Central.

With a Young Persons Railcard mentioned by Mum2Connor&Cerys the fare would only be £36.75 saving you £18.95

If you use the discount code CINEMA15 to buy a railcard online from the post - hotukdeals.com/for…808 But you have to buy it before offer expiry on 8th September.

You get the railcard for £15 and still save yourself £3.95 on the fare. I don't know the exact T&C's for this card but if it works like the family one it's still valid for the whole year even once you've turned 25. (The family one can be used for children turning 16 in the year)

I know it's not a huge saving but £3.95 can buy you your fish supper once you get off the train. And theres always the possibility that once you have the card you might use the train with the fares being that bit cheaper?? Is there not a train out to Glasgow Airport as you mentioned you usually fly

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Thanks for that but i've just checked Virgin Trains and i can get it for £40.85 without the railcard so think I'll go with that.

Does anyone know it there are any promotional codes for virgin about?
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