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    The system settings say ddr (pc3200) so Im guessing thats DDR1 ? Would like 2gb really as Im trying to run Windows 7 on it and its being really slow atm!


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    Not sure if I need a new graphics card or something too as the windows report says that is the worst part of the computer, but I dont use it for gaming. There is two slots for RAM and I have a 1gb and a 256 one in use at the moment!

    Thanks for looking into this for me!

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    PS the mainboard section says ASUSTEK Computer Ink Model P5S800-VM

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    Yeah, either that or get a 2 gig in there to push it up to 3gb total! Just to get windows up to speed really!

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    Cheers! I got the one of ebay, did a best bid at 13!!! Cant complain!
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