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Found 6th Feb 2010
hey, never used this part of the site before

im after some cheap running trainers, as i have loads of adidas ones but there all flat bottoms so a bit awkward to run in, quit the gym so gonna try runnin in the park, but obviously if i cant be bothered, dont want to waste too much money

anyone know anywhere selling them cheap? cheapest i can see so far are from sports dierct which are some reebok ones for 24.99, but ideally looking for some no name ones for like a tenner?
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New Balance are quite good and not expensive; mine were about £30 and the guy who did my gym induction said there were perfectly good for running. I think you might find it hard to get some for £10. I got mine from JJB; I know it's not a specialist running shop or anything but they've been really good shoes so far, and anyway if you do a lot of running you should replace them every 6 months-1 year no matter how much they cost. TK Maxx also has trainers in there most of the time so that's worth a look too.
its worth buying a 'proper' brand even if you dont run far, they will protect your joints better than really cheap one's and will cost only a little more
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