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    hi, i just ordered a laptop and needed a wireless router.i currently have 4meg broadband which is connected to my pc via a TV company called HOMECHOICE from which i get tv, broadband and phone the tv comes from the phone line not like ntl and telewest hope this isnt a problem. i dont want to spend to much something cheap which is reliable and fast and also secure. i would have looked my self but i have never owned a wireless router and have no knowledge so i dont really no what to look for.:?
    greatly appreciate. :thumbsup:


    Dont go for the rubbish £14.99 BT one posted recently! :giggle:

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    im not just found it on the site and thought it was cheap as i have never seen one that cheap. like i said i have no knowledge.LOL

    And when you say Homechoice... you mean Tiscali

    I think what you will actually need (as you have to use tiscali's router) is a wireless access point..


    Any one of those. :thumbsup:

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    there tiscali i didnt no that. ive heard BT are gonna buy them. so hopefully service is better

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    that one is 125mbps guessing thats better

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    can anyone help????

    hi, im not to hot on the tech side of things, thats left to hubby, but we have the belkin, it has great security, and have had no problems with it, a few of our friends have gone onto using this router as very impress
    ed with the functions it has, hope this helps if need anymore advice just ask, will try to help
    also ment to say we have 4 laptops running off of this and run at top speed ..:)

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    how much is it as i dont want to spend so much

    ive got this one…t=0

    i'll sell it to you for £35 delivered if you want, only selling as I have the sky/netgear one, got it only after a month of having the linksys so its all in good nick.:thumbsup:

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    its £35 brand new and i want a brand new one. the buffalo one is better as it has a higher speed

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    and is cheaper

    bah soz, didnt realise it could be had cheaper. £22 then delivered but im guessing you want a quicker one anyway

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    yer. thanks anyway

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    if i got for the buffalo router would i have to get a 125mbps reciver for the laptop??

    any wireless would do for laptop

    Hello mate.

    Have you actually ordered this? It may be of no use to you to be honest.

    May I ask what kind of modem you currently have?

    If you get your broadband down your phone line you will probably need a router with built in modem because I would imagine your current modem is a standard usb one yeah?

    What you need is an ADSL wireless router/modem.

    You are talking about 125mbps but to be honest you will never get anywhere near those speeds. As you say you are only connected at 4mb so that is the max you can go to unless your going to be talking wirelessly between your laptop and your desktop but even then a 54mbps router is more than fast enough.

    Also are you wanting to connect your desktop to this router? If so I would suggest buying a package which includes the router/modem and a wireless usb stick. Your latop should already have wireless built in if it's a new one. So you wil not need any external device card or usb device to connect to your router.

    Here is one with good reviews and is a grest price:…521

    Or here is a full list of wireless ADSL routers going from cheapest to priciest.…e=1

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    i just ordered the laptop form its the gateway one. im not sure it has a built in wireless router

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    so the buffalo one isnt good?

    The buffalo one is just a router, it does not have a modem built in so basically you will not have anything to connect to the internet.

    Is your internet connection through your bt phone line?, you say in your first post it's not like cable so what you will need is something like I have listed in my previous post. It must have a modem built in i.e. ADSL router.

    Hope I am reading your post right, lol.

    Can you give me a link to the laptop mate and I will check to see if it's wireless, most are now so I would be surprised if it's not.

    If it's this one you are fine, I hope you got it because they are sold out now. You do not need any extra wireless card to connect this to your router/modem.…tml

    Do you have a desktop PC as well? If so as I stated you can have this wireless too if you buy a bundle as I listed earlier.

    that linksys i got is adsl gateway hehe theres 160 user reviews on that site for it too

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    yup thats the laptop i orderd. i have a bt line which my homechoice is connected by.

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    i have got a tv service which comes from my phone line some new technology the company is homechoice, if i unplug the filter i cant get tv or internet as the my homchoice box is the actual modem for the internet and that is how i get my tv. i wanted to know how i would connect the wireless modem.


    this any good? … this any good?

    No mate, if your internet comes over a BT line that is 100% WRONG. That is called a DSL (cable) router, these are just routers, what you need as an ADSL modem/router combination.

    Basically if it says ADSL or ADSL2 you should be ok.

    I have never actually heard of this company you have for your tv but if I am thinking along the right lines all you would do is plug your ADSL modem/router into the filter and bobs your uncle, away you go. How are you getting your internet now? Do you have a wired modem coming from your phone line? Is this running through the filter alongside your tv? If so then you would just remove this and plug in your new ADSL wireless modem which will then give you a wireless signal around your house.

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    i have a silver box which is underneath my tv like a set top box, that is connected to the phone line and is connected to my pc. the guy said that set top box is how you get your tv and internet its got a built in modem. hope that helps, but he said you must have a bt line for it to work and i do have a bt line.

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    can anyone suggest any, as now ive got my laptop but cant go on the internet.

    If it's through your BT line then you need an ADSL router. Can you please have a look at the connections from your BT socket, does this tv/internet setup have a sealed seperate connection through your BT box, and then your phone line has a general plug in connection?

    Or does the whole package go through a filter (another little box that everything plugs into then this little box plugs into your main BT socket)?

    Also can you tell me how what kind of PC you are using now.

    It must be a desktop yes?

    Is this broadband or dialup?


    Ok bud I have just had a look on the net for this company called HomeChoice.

    Without looking at the actual setup I can't really do much other than try and get a clear picture of where each cable is going from your BT box.

    As you have stated everything is built into this set-top box so I am not sure if you can filter a seperate wireless connection away from it while still keeping your set-top box connected to the phone line.

    You may be stuck with their silly money option, but I will try and find out for you tonight and see if it is easily bypassed.

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    thanks for your reply. on the bt line there is a filter from which then a wire is connected to the set top box. i checked at the back of the box there is a seprate socket for the pc which is a ethernet cable socket. im guessing i would have to connect the ethernet cable to the wireless router to the socket where it says pc.

    Hi again, I have just had a quick read about this certain set-top box and it seems it can be done, but only for some and not for others.

    A lot of people seem to find that the Linksys WRT54GS router does the job. And yes it's just a router not ADSL ( you do not need a built in modem), I kept saying you did but I have found out that your set-top box with it's built in modem will connect to the router via a standard RJ45 connection which comes with the home choice package so you should not need to source a cable. (Unless of course this is connected to your current PC). Then you may need one. Once done you may need to configure the router on your current PC via the ethernet cable so that you can connect your laptop wirelessly. (I am assuming your current PC is connected by a wire (ehternet))?

    Then just turn on your laptop and see if you can find the connection, most people find it, but some can't seem to connect even though they have a good signal. I suppose it comes down to how you configure your router.

    So yes you were correct all along, just a normal router will do, it's worth trying mate, if you can't get it to work then just sell it on and cut your losses. Then call the expensive HomeChoice guys out and pay 4X as much.

    So after all this all you need is exactly what you were wanting in the first place, just a normal DSL/cable router WITHOUT built in modem.

    I wish I had checked up the name of the company on day one, would have saved my brain a little trying to work it out in my head, lol.

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    no worries, i greatly appreciate you helping me out. now i have one last favour to ask can you suggest me one to get with a wireless reciver which can connect to my pc. rep left. once again thanks a lot youve helped me a lot.

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    i found this one on amazon reviews were very good…ics

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    should i go for that one

    Hi again.

    According to the page I read online most people who used that router had a result, so I must say yes going by their experiences.

    Good luck, I hope it picks it up nice and easy for ya.

    Oh and that is one excellent price for that piece of kit, you will not find it below £50 in most other places.

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    is there a router which can work on cable and adsl as this will save me spending £40 again when i need another one for the adsl????

    Never used cable mate, cant get it where I live. I think the only difference is one has a modem and the other does not. I am not sure if you could plug an ethernet modem into the wireless router and then use it that way.

    I will search later and see if it's possible.

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