Found 31st Dec 2008
Need a few for work. Anyone know of a site that is selling 'em?


dude. u should have gone to the NEXT sale at 5AM in the morning.

Loads in Primark don't know about the quality, as I have never bought any.

As with most things, it depends on what you call cheap...

M&S have some excellent shirts around the £25 mark and they are what I use on a day to day basis; you can go to TMLewin and get 3 for £100 at times but I don't know the quality.

As above, you can go to primark / matalan / tesco / ASDA etc and get cheap shirts but quality wise I don't think it's worthwhile. After a few washes they lose their comfort.

Be good, Dio :thumbsup:

George at Asda are cheap & good quality

I got lots of stuff for hubby from primark, the shirts are great, no ironing required.
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