Cheap Sim - am I missing anything?

    Looking for a cheap sim (£7.50pm max, ideally cheaper) for an older person. Have ideal unlocked phone which she can operate (struggled with previous). Internet not needed so GB irrelevant. As many minutes and text as possible, although unlimited too much. 2/300 not enough, probably 600 or above would be.

    Want to know if I am missing anything in my search? I look at all the major network providers, big supermarkets, carphone warehouse, mobile phone direct etc but found nothing ideal to date. Expired deal from BT a few weeks back was perfect (Unlimited minutes/texts for £5pm if you had their broadband) - that's the kinda thing I'm holding out for. Hoping Sky comes on soon as seems interesting that they include unlimited mins/texts for free to sky TV customers (her daughter is one). No pricing up as yet. Point of question - where else to look/search/consider.


    I've just changed to plusnet mobile - have you checked them out?

    How about this from mobilephonesdirect on talk mobile 1000 UK Minutes, 5000 UK Texts, 2 GB UK Data, £48 Cashback £7.50/month before cash back. I have a contract with them and found claiming cash back super easy.

    Or how about the three 123 payg?

    Think Sky mobile is offering £10 p/m with 1 gb data with unlimited calls & text. That's the cheapest for Sky TV customers.
    It's +£10 on top for non-Sky TV customers.
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    ID Mobile, from what I understand they use the three network and are run by car phone warehouse. I've been looking at them for my 10 year old as they do a child friendly sim.…htm

    Freedom 500 plan £4.99/month 500 minutes, 500 Texts and 500Mb data

    They have a free monthly allowance but its only 200 of each.

    It uses 3 Network
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    ID mobile. 250 minutes, 5000 texts and 1.5GB date a month for £5. But with quidco cash back of £40 it works out £1.67 month

    I have Asda it's EE. £5 a month with good amount of txt and minutes plus internet.can set to top up monthly.Best deal I had. Ruby

    getmeone 500 plan £4.99/month 500 … 500 plan £4.99/month 500 minutes, 500 Texts and 500Mb dataThey have a free monthly allowance but its only 200 of each.It uses 3 Network

    ​Don't work to well for me on my old s3. Very poor signal but that could be my phone? Maybe a 4g handset is better on 3 network

    Try vectone mobile. Was with them for a few years. You can do pay and go. Think you can start from as little as £1. I've just moved to plusnet because I needed more gb


    ​Don't work to well for me on my old s3. Very poor signal but that could b … ​Don't work to well for me on my old s3. Very poor signal but that could be my phone? Maybe a 4g handset is better on 3 network

    ​avoid like the plague freedom pop is a new generation voip c*** advertised as free etc it's redicilous uses interent for all calls etc. even when u pay.

    u could go on pay as you go there's some really cheap offers depends on whom they call u could have it all free if they just call a few numbers and text. vectone offer free calls and text to other vetonce numbers I haven't topped up since last December and it's still going not sure for how long they will keep this offer on. other than that if they make long calls then there's talk mobile which charges 10p for calls upto 1 hour. and maybe get 2 sim 1 on this for calls and other on say 1pmobile but that seems more like a subscription service which I don't like they charge 1p calls 1p texts and 1p mb. plus had half price offer on for black friday but not sure if it's still on as it's still on there website.

    I wouldn't recommend a contract for older person, could easily press the wrong button and end with a £100+ bill.

    At the risk of stating the obvious always ensure that the chosen network has good coverage in all the places that he is likely to travel to.

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    Thanks for all the responses - aware of most of them to date, but appreciate the effort none the less. May end up on Sky as can get up to 5 Sims and simply give here one (she will only use the minutes/texts) - if it works in with other plans it in effect costs nothing…470
    If it works as described I should make a £15 proffit over the year as well as unlimited minits/texts +1/2 GB data per month & access to 1,000s of wifi hotspots on the EE 4g network with BT.
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