Cheap Sims for kids.

Posted 16th Dec 2019
Hi there,

I'm getting my 2 kids iPhones for Christmas (nothing expensive just 2 second hand SE's).
these will be mainly used at home on WiFi for watching YouTube and taking photos etc...
But they do have relatives and friends they could message and I would like to get them a sim for each that I can control (being the bill payer) and one that has the option to cap.
so I'm after suggestions for cheap decent options on SIM cards for kids.

Thank you & Merry Christmas

😬 🏻
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If relatives and friends have messenger they wont need sim messages and calls can be done over wifi.

I put £5 top on my daughters phone about 6-8 months ago just for emergency....
I'm using Giffgaff myself and got my FIL a Giffgaff SIM too.
His fee is like £5 a month I think.
I’ve just got one from Three for my son, unlimited calls & texts, 8GB data, £8 a month, you can cap it when u buy & if u go through Quidco there’s £40 cash back on that particular sim. If that’s too much just go on a comparison site it allows you to put in how much you want to spend, how much data, call time you need etc
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I got my daughter one last year and started with a payg sim thinking it would help with understanding money etc. The problem is the data services ran through it anyhow so I changed to a pay monthly from Tesco which is £7.50 a month and then another 50p off that as I am on Tesco too. She gets more than enough allowance on that and it’s got a zero cap on it so can’t go over. Their app allows you to change caps and monitor usage too
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I got mine a lebara sim £4.95. ( I think it was 500 minutes /2gb data) No credit check required and can cancel anytime.
I got my kids plusnet sims, capped and cheap
panda09816/12/2019 09:22

I'm using Giffgaff myself and got my FIL a Giffgaff SIM too.His fee is …I'm using Giffgaff myself and got my FIL a Giffgaff SIM too.His fee is like £5 a month I think.

I was already using Giffgaff, so I ordered a new SIM from my account for FIL, then once he activated his SIM & topped up (for the very first time £10 is required, then from that £10 you can buy the "goody bag".)

Lter they sent me like some reward/credit to my account.

Mine isnt continuous contract. it is basically a pay as to go. I top up some money and choose the "goody bag" via my qccount, then either I use up the internet allowance of internet or it just ends in 30days.

I only spend £10 on my phone each month (I own a smartphone already)
We have always used tesco mobile pay monthly contracts for our lads since they went up to senior school, you can cap the contract so they don't go over or put a limit of £2.50 or £5, they do sim only too.
i got my sons from sky umlimited texts and calls 3gb of data £6 a month
If they just plan to use Whatsapp etc, then get a 3 Data Reward SIM. Top it up every now and again for cheap texts/calls.
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