Cheap Sized 11/12 Shoes

    Looking for some cheap sized 11 or 12 shoes, just some nice ones that I can wear about when out in the pubs and that.

    If anyone has some alright ones to sell that would be great, please show me what you've got.

    Black if possible or a very dark brown

    I've had a look over the web and for the price haven't found any I like really.

    I need them by the 13th of March so if you could please show me anything you have for sale that'd be great

    Thanks again


    I have some one size 11 and one size 12 realli nice one pair been used once and other new will go have alook if intresered x

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the replies.

    becky if could put pictures up that'd be good.

    andythebrave, they're okay - just seeing what else is about though.

    Will keep 'em in mind.

    Thanks all so far.
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