Cheap ski holiday with kids

Found 9th Jan 2007
Looking for a real cheapy - 10 Feb or later ideally chalet board.

Ideally we want somewhere that will feed the kids around 6pm as our two won't wait till an 'adult' mealtime.

Want the impossible - 2 adults, 2 kids (6 and 7 nights including lift passes, lessons for the kids, skis and boots for the kids and food for under 2.5K

Would consider a self-drive if it worked out really cheap.

Come on guys - whose got their own ski chalet they want to let out???
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My brother maintains that it's better to do it yourself than go for a package deal - don't see why under 2.5k should be impossible..they go skiing in Spain most years, and do it relatively cheaply. The scam over here is that they hike the prices in line with the school holidays etc, but bear in mind that the hols are different in Spain and other European countries, so you won't get the price hike if you book direct. I'll get the details off him asap and post them here. Think they usually fly, so not sure if driving there is an option..(not with kids anyway - unless they're really patient!):-D
Try austrianbreaks.co.uk/
Stayed over Christmas great for kids and the Skiing was Ok even though a lack of snow.
All meals provided but need to book your own flights. Taken too and from slopes etc. Games room for kids table tennis, table top football, playstation etc
Can't help you with prices sorry but heres some other info to consider:

Check out ifyouski.com/Sno…me/ or similar sites for snow conditions... I know Europe has had a dire start but things might brighten up. Austria has had some fresh snow. The last thing you want is to spend lots of money (as no ski holiday is cheap really) and have rubbish conditions.

On the same website at ifyouski.com/Res…er/ you can plug in your details and it'll recommend a resort for you to match your families ability and needs. There are probably other sites but this is the first that flew up on google.

I spent last winter in Whistler, Canada and snowfall was record breaking then but this year it looks AMAZING! But then it's expensive to go so I for one can't afford it this year But if you can find a deal...

I am thinking about the USA or Canada as they don't seem to hike the prices for half term too much... what is the cost of living like in Canada? I know in the USA it will probably be ok because the xrate is so good at the mo.

Hi, first post.
Have a look at Esprit holidays (esprit-holidays.co.uk/Ski…ml). Excellent last minute deals from £799 chalet board for a family of 4. You can get all the extras, lift passes, ski hire, lessons etc, for under £1000, so total of about £1800 is well below your budget. We have been with them twice before and they are very professsional. Recommended.....

what is the cost of living like in Canada? I know in the USA it will … what is the cost of living like in Canada? I know in the USA it will probably be ok because the xrate is so good at the mo.

No ski resort is cheap i guess... I was living off £5 an hour. A Canadian sized "pint" of beer (smaller than a pint) is about £2 if you use a beer scale.

All you need to know for a holiday in Whistler:

Lift prices can be found here: whistlerblackcomb.com/res…rch. I'm not sure if these include tax - in British Columbia this is 13%

And the shop I worked in is a great place (non-corporation owned) to hire equipment from: summitsport.com/mai…asp. Theres a 20% discount if you book online.

So I guess for a weeks skiing you are looking at £280 per Adult for lift pass and ski pass. Lessons are more on top though - look on the site for details. Kids are cheaper and the ski-school is great. Kids as young as 3 can ski I beleive and they have day care for babies as young as 3 months! Yikes :?

On top of that, flights with Zoom are pretty good and cheap and theres a bus called the perimeter from Vancouver airport to Whistler. The greyhound also runs from the city if you don't mind trekking about. The journey is a couple of hours I think.

Canada is an amazing place and the people are lovely. Whistler is really good because the lifts are right in the village unlike Banff where you bus in. However Banff is supposed to be amazing too and has lower taxes (7% i think).

The food and drink in Whistler is brilliant - I think I used to spend less than £20 for a good meal out with drinks. Which I don't think is crazy money considering. There's a super market for cheaper snacks. Lunch on the mountain is as expected... say £4 for a good sized chilli.

For big discounts go during the Discover Whistler Days:

November 23 - December 22, 2006
January 15 - February 11, 2007
February 26 - March 11, 2007
April 16 - 22, 2007

Where there is 40% off ski lessons (including lift passes!)

The only thing I don't know much about is accomodation... but Whistler Blackcomb do deals for this on their website. You can get some good looking packages.

I do think Whistler has some of the most amazing skiing in the world so I'd highly recommend it. It has the longest intermediate run in the world! The off piste is amazing! Theres stuff for everyone! It's also had record snow this year: nearly 9 metres has fallen since November. Not sure what the forcast is though...

I want to go back! :-(

Just a quick update - still haven't booked.... in two minds whether to go at all as the little 'un (6) seems to be very disconcerted by the whole idea...

that being said we spotted a great deal on the Esprit website - phoned up was asked which airport we'd like to fly from - not bothered says I 'oh well go for Stansted then as there are no supplements' - great - so thats £1195 for all 4 of us - YES... then I had to choose rooms and wasn't sure which to go for - said I'd call them back after speaking to DH. Called them back... get as far as credit card payment - right then thats £1397.60 ?:-( what! not sure exactly what they added but I think room supplements, flight supplements, tax, fuel supplements, pick your ticket up at the airport supplements were all mentioned.

OK - I'll call you back after speaking to hubby again. Got in touch with my local travel agent cos they sometimes give discount if holiday is over £1000 - they phone back - price is apparently £1460+ now but they can give me £40 off (so it was worth phoning them I guess) - they told Esprit I was quoted £1397.60 and were told that must have been a mistake.

Well! I learned two lessons - never believe the 'specials offer' page - and book when you get the first offer you like the sound of! I am p'd off with Esprit because they admitted that not one of the holidays listed on the specials offer page can actually be bought for the price they are advertising!

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