Cheap, sleek, basic, PAYG Nokia on Orange? :)

    After a new phone for my mum for Christmas. She won't use /any/ feature of it other than recieving phone calls, making the odd phone call and sending the odd text so I'm really not after anything fancy.

    Nokia preferred, although anything else that's dead easy to use (Sony?) will be just fine too. Has to be compatible with Orange sim cards ;o

    - Cheap as possible
    - Nice looking/small/sleek
    - Very basic is fine

    And just so y'all don't think I'm just being a cheapskate, I'm also buying her some tickets, dvds and maybe some clothes etc (depending on the phone price) so the phone is more of an afterthought than anything, just something I thought she needs to replace her icky and huge (but good) 3510i.

    Thank yous!


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    Wow! Looks like a great phone and what a price too! Thank you so much!

    I may order it, unless someone else finds one without flip becuase I'm not so sure she'll go for that, but I'll definitely keep it in mind because it seems ace

    not nokia but cheap enoguh and looks pretty simple phone

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    Thanks for the link, looks like a good phone although I'm not sure I want to deviate away from Nokia or Sony though, sorry! :-)

    Anymore recommendations please chaps? I guess I'm willing to spend maybe up to £50 although at such a good price (allowing me to buy other things too!) then the 2652 posted above is very tempting!

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    Bump, please?!
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