Cheap small digital LCD TV for the kitchen

    Hi All

    I'm looking for a small digital LCD TV for my kitchen that can hang on the wall. The cheapest I have found so far is a 19" at Tescos for £100 - but i'm prepared to go smaller.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help


    would you be willing to buy a second hand one? got a 15" baier that i bought from asda that has only been used a couple of times. its about 4 months old. (xmas pressie but wanting a bigger one now for bedroom) has built in dvd player, remote etc i`d let go for cheap

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    what colour is it and how much would you want?

    You could even try the joggler.

    Although its not wall mountable, you could do a little d.i.y.

    Screen is only 7 inch right enough.

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    Does this allow you to watch digital TV and do you need to sign up for a mobile contract?


    what colour is it and how much would you want?

    hi, it's black and would be looking for 70 posted to your door unless you live in the burnley area and can pick up. would obviously minus postage. if you're interested let me know and i'll set up a for sale thread with pictures and either reserve it for you or give you first offer on it. cheers. dan.

    forgot to mention has built in freeview and dvd player plays everything i've tried. divx, vcd, mp3 disk. etc. also has remote. will check if wall mountable but pretty positive it is.
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