Cheap small prizes for kids talent show?

Found 6th Jul 2014
Looking for small prizes for a primary school talent show, and have no ideas what to get? Could anyone please be kind enough to suggest any ideas ?
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A cabbage if they get a question wrong...
Pound shops have lots of small toys and tiny little winner cups
Lego minifigures or other single wrapped toys like that?

A cabbage if they get a question wrong...

A come of sweets
As said poundland have little party bag fillers
Also you could make personalised medals from them cheap ones you get in poundland also!

Have fun with the show!!! X)
Ha I meant a cone of sweets
Thanks everyone for your answers
I bought books from the pound shop and the kids at my school loved having a choice.
home bargains do great prize bits. blind bags from all the different tv shows are 19p - 39p. they usually have lovely yo-yos too. we have a prize bag in our class (year 1) and kids pick their own out of it. at the moment its those bits, tiaras (4 pack in 99p store) the moshi monsters stuff from wilkos, fairy wands (6 pack in 99p store!) bubbles, bouncy balls and curly straws that are really popular. disney store is having a really good sale at the moment, and wilkos is doing 3 for 2 on a lot of their bits.
If you go to your local Cinema, they might donate some tickets for you, and also if you have any play centres locally, they will also donate free passes if you tell them you'll put their leaflets in kids book bags!! That's what we've done in the past.
Good Luck!
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