Posted 18th Dec 2022 (Posted 2 h, 1 m ago)
Hi everyone,
I'm starting a new job in January and will need a smart watch as not able to touch my phone while working. Due to the nature of the work it needs to be cheap so that I can replace it regularly so up to £30 budget. The only features I actually need are to be able to read text messages and, more importantly, set time alarms / reminders through an app or similar on a schedule. The problem is I have tiny hands/ wrists so need something small. Have been looking through amazon (I have prime) and there are so many and most are big I'm struggling to narrow it down so looking to get some ideas from here. Any first hand experiences please? Many thanks.
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    Mi Band 5,6 or 7 after Christmas in the sales.
    Thanks just had a look and it looks decent. While looking at it, the Amazfit 5 came up and looks to me like they both come out of the same factory but the amazfit has the alexa bonus so wondering if that might be useful for my reminders but also don't want every alexa device we have going off at home while I'm at work. Don't suppose you are familiar with whether they are the same at all?
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