Cheap 'smart phone' for child wanted.

Found 23rd Sep 2017
My granddaughter 10, who is dyspraxic, has broken her phone - again! Really need a simple to use, cheap phone. The life of a phone with her is about a month, so really want cheapest one suitable for the job.
She watches youtube and streams music when indoors, so WiFi is important. Not really used for web browsing as such, so 'smart phone' really means 'not so dumb' phone.

Thanks in advance guys and girls, and LGBT hukd'ers
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I would suggest either the Vodafone Smart Mini 7 (£24.99 + £10 top up from argos) or the Smart First 7 (£19.99 + £10 top up also from argos). My daughter (9) has the Smart Mini 7 and watches you tube and uses blue tooth to play music etc. I would definitely recommend it as it sounds like it would suit your grand daughter.
Second hand or any cheap mobile with 5inch screen. Problem is you may need reasonable spec and storage for games ect.. Some phones just aren't up to it.. Over 2 gig ram and 16gig storage is what I would look out for but depending on child's needs. Loads on amazon for £70 ish
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Thanks guys. Will look at Argos. It just needs streaming capability, for YouTube and spotify, really. She doesn't install games.
O2 AsNew is your best option. A smart phone for tener is available every now and then.
What about a Iphone 4?. should be cheap enough
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