Cheap Sofas Needed !

    Just wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of a good website or scottish store where i could purchase a couple of sofas, get the keys to my new house on the 21st so im kind of in a hurry, not looking to spend a fortune just looking for maybe 2 "2 seater" leather sofas.

    Thanks in advance.



    land of leather isnt badly priced nor is argos or ikea. not sure on quality though. all our couches have been second hand. (pourpers lol)

    have you tried freecycle?

    Original Poster

    nah, never even heard of freecycle lol, do they have a website?

    then you join local branch

    ours always have sofas and stuff

    Original Poster

    thanks, i'll check it out now

    Try Gumtree,in the freebies,i see them there a lot and then save up for the ones you want

    Atgos have an amazing deal on at the moment mum just bought the whole suite 2 sofas 1 chair one poufee £5.99, they had two sofas there for £399…y=2
    Great deal I think approx £6 delivery up to 28 days but probably be sooner
    Good luck

    [url][/url] in wales if you want new - a friend bought from them and i got new cushions via them.
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