Cheap spray paints please?

    I've been trying to look around for coloured cans of spray paint in a variety of colours (the normal 6 will suffice) but haven't found many in bricks-and-mortar stores that go for less than a £5.…tml
    comes in at £3.99 a can and…630
    comes in at £3.50 if I buy six.

    Do you guys know of anywhere else on/offline that can supply cans of spray paint for cheaper please? Poundland is a plentiful supply for black white and grey, but would like red, blue, yellow, green orange etc if possible.

    Thanks guys!


    Poundland sprays are pretty terrible. We needed loads of orange spray last year and got them from Boyes (not sure, think its probably a local chain) - they were £2.75/tin each (£15 for 6) are decent quality paint but I can't remember the name of the manufacturer of the top of my head.

    When I last bought spray paint I got it from WPS home decor but i dont know if it is a chain or not? It was £1.99 a large can and was really easy to use but I cant recall the make...

    It depends what you are doing with them. If they don't need to have a specific high quality finish then Wilkinsons do a good range for quite cheap.

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    Ah that's cool. We're just using them for spraying onto fabrics so quality of paint isn't really an issue, just the colour of it. Even a small can of each colour would probably suffice in quantity.
    I'm trying to see what's in the Bath and Bristol area. All the nice pound-ish shops in Bath all closed down two years ago. Not even a Wilkinsons.
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