cheap Stargate SG-1 dvd box sets?

Found 10th May 2006
anyone know where I can find cheap Stargate SG-1 dvd box sets? I'm looking to buy all series 1-9
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I asked this not long ago, from memory thehut with quidco's 10% off was the cheapest, or keeping an eye on Amazon's fluctuating prices.

I popped into WHSmith yesterday, and they had Season 8 of SG-1 for £24.99 - which I quickly snapped up. they also have 6 and 7 at that price, although you can find those cheaper online. This is an instore offer only it seems, they are doing a selected half price box set offer at the moment. Season 9 isn't released in the full box set until March next year, as it was season 8 that was released this March just gone.
Wow, nice deal - they didn't have that when I was in their Inverness store a couple of weekends ago sadly

I think it's a recent deal. It's in conjunction with that 3 DVDs for £18 that they have been advertising on the tv! :-)
the offer is still on in Whsmith, all their stargate box sets are half price. I think they are all £24.99 which isn't the cheapest but they do have season 8, which is a very good price, I bought it yesterday and used all those extra whsmith points so I only paid £18.00. Bargain! Now I have the whole set. I love stargate!
There is something nice about being able to go into a shop and buy what you want, even it means paying a few pounds more. Sadly in a lot of cases it's a lot more than a few pounds more, especially with Star Trek box sets...25 quid for season eight is tempting as I missed the very last episode of the season which is bugging me!

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any new cheap deals on stargate?
Some of them (Series 3 and 4 for example) are cheapest at ][COLOR=blue]FOXY[/COLOR] but can be made even cheaper if you check the links in the voucher section here. They offer £2 off £20 for example, making these series 19.95 delivered. Or if you buy a few at once, you might be able to use the £5 off £50 code. But the foxy codes can only be used once per household, so if you are going for this, choose carefully before you decide.
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emma let me know if you find a really good deal in the near future
i'm not ready to spend £200 on all box sets
Personally, I'm going to wait until they bring out a complete box set of all the series, but that might not be for a year or two yet... If I spot a really good deal on these in the future, I'll post it in hot deals anyway.
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