Cheap static caravan fees

Found 30th May

I know its a huge ask but....

As the title,im considering a static caravan,but site fee's are expensive,in true hukd style i'm wondering if anyone knows of a cheap site,,say within 100 miles of Manchester?

Fee's im seeing are around £2500-3000,likely normal ,but you never know if someone knows a cheap place

Thank you
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If you get a good tourer (six berth with shower, etc) I know a site round this way where you can rent a pitch fire £1100 a year. Heated pool, clubhouse, no council tax. People live there permanently. Seriously thinking of doing it myself. It's closer to work, and save a fortune on rent.
Depends where you want to go...

In mid Wales, away from the coast, you can get fees for about £1800.

I'm sure you have already thought of it, but don't forget to factor in costs for gas, electric, and insurance. These can easily add £500 to your bills for the year.
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What's included in the ground rent?
Worth checking for a clause in the contract around how old your caravan is, the majority usually state that a caravan cant be more than x years old.
Hi,thanks for the responses,and sorry for the late reply.

Would consider a tourer but i've no drive to keep it,I live in a flat,and i've only a small car which wouldn't pull it.

Wales would be fine,infact my mum moved to there 15 years ago so wouldn't be an issue,anywhere 100ish miles of manchester centre.So be interested in checking that one out at 1800

Im not sure whats included on all sites untill i found a cheap fee one,and can go from there.

I did contact one in skipton last year,was around £2800 a yr,compulsory to have insurance,and yes certain caravans wasn't allowed ,you had to sell van back to site etc,no renting out,just family,.i think water included,electricity you have your own meter and pay the energy company,and obviously gas bottles.can't remeber what else.
Try here -…er/

The are loads of smaller sites, you'll find something for your price.
Some sites want a share of the selling price if you sell your caravan.
They also force you to buy all your gas from them..................RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPOFF.
Thank for all the help,I have looked into the whole thing and with all the terms, cost etc it's going to be far to much a week than first thought.

Back to the drawing board,or just rent one when I need .
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