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I am looking for a cheap(ish) tablet that incorporates a stylus for my daughter who is struggling with pen control. It has been suggested to try this with handwriting apps to work on her letter formation. I don't know much about them and was wondering if anyone had any advice. It will predominantly be used for this purpose so doesn't need to have many fancy features! Thanks in advance for any help!
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all tablets and smartphones will work with a stylus. Either the cheap mesh ended ones or the nicer ones like the entry level adonit models.

What you get with the better / more expensive tablets and stylii is pressure sensitivity and sometimes angle effect - Not sure thats worth paying for in your case.

If you're interested in a childs handwriting then what would be more important would be the shape and weight of the stylus. I'd be thinking that a child would benefit from a fatter stylus - not sure whats available like that - I suppose you could use one of the covers that are also sold for normal pens/pencils for children to use.

edit: thinking about it the other issue would be palm rejection - which does put you into the more expensive devices. The straightforward capacitive touch stuff doesnt do palm rejection - For that you will want a 'proper' stylus - an active device. look at and see teh feature list.

The new 2018 ipad supports the apple pencil and is much cheaper than an ipad pro.
There is a good forum that has covered pens/stylii on computers for years - look to see what devices are available and see reviews.…92/…33/

I've had pen enabled laptops for years, looking at the pile of old kit I have motion computing, fujitsu B series, t900, various wacom things and currently hp elite x2 and a lenovo 720. The wacom pens are the nicest to use for drawing/art. they're more accurate and have good sensitivity. The ones I use on the current hp and lenovo are great - but they're quite slim - I'd not expect a small child to like them.
I'll have a look and see what tablet things I have that will be cheap now.

Stabilo and Faber castell both make nice pens and pencils for children that are well shaped.…pen
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Thank you so much for such a detailed reply. Will go and investigate.
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