Cheap Temporary PAYG Phone Recommendations

Found 12th Oct 2011
Want a phone rougly £15-£20 (As cheap as possible) B/N til I sell my Blackberry to help fund an iPhone 4S.

Would like to be able to go on facebook on it too lol
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Big ask
ok then
problem is that there are plenty of cheap mobiles out there brand new or used but wanting to go on facebook on a phone within your budget is highly unlikely.good luck though

Try the ZTE F930 I think it is, the one from this deal:…90/

Pay the £10 for one month and then cancel, or keep it on until Jan and get topcashback of £70 (they should pay £40 but will match Quidco).
You can go on facebook and use skype and browse the internet (no where near as easily or as well as on an iphone but it's only a tenner!!!).
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