Cheap texter tarrif help

    Hi i'm just looking for a good tarrif for texting, i don't call ppl much and would like around 300 texts a month.

    not too bothered about what phone comes with it because i'm getting a groovy unlocked phone from hong kong sometime this week which looks pretty cool.

    anyway help appreciated, don't really want to pay anymore than £20 a month unless an equivelant or better deal can be found with cashbacks.

    sorry if this sort of thread has been posted a million times


    Pay as you go almost any company now give you free texts for about £10-£20 a month.

    Orange and O2 do some good deals.

    Just keep checking the freebie sections on here and order some. Mine always seem to arrive within a week or so.

    You could always use an O2 PAYG sim card:…ter

    Minimum monthly top-ups of £10 = Free 300 texts
    Minimum monthly top-ups of £15 = Free 500 texts


    beerman is right, PAYG texts are thrown in as freebies on many PAYG tariffs, i think O2 throw in 300 if you top up by £10/month.

    However if you do not mind cashback contracts.


    All have 12months free rental contracts on T-Mobile FlexT 35 12month contracts where you have £120 credit 20p calls, 10p sms = 600mins or 1200sms/month

    Some links showing some of the offers:…145…021…tml

    Original Poster

    the reason i started the thread was because I just got a new orange sim and i tried applying to thier text plan where when you put £10 on you get 300 texts free filled in the relevant forms and at the end it said i wasn't eligible for that tarrif, with no further explaination...

    I've sent for a kerrang orange sim card, and may concider the o2 ones

    thanks for your replies

    Im with 02, for topping up £10 a month i get 300 free texts.

    But, they give you 10% back every 3 months, taking it down to £9 a month, but after i did the 02 upgrade thing posted on here i get another 10% back after every top up (within 48 hours i must add!)

    So infact, i only pay £8 a month for mine :giggle: happy days....

    t mobile offer a pay as you go text tariff of 3p text to any network
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