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Found 5th Feb 2009
Hello, my mums old alcatel phone finally gave up a few days ago and she needs a new one, but she's very picky and I am having a hard time finding one that meets her needs.

Pay as you go. Flip phone. Not black (preferably red or pink but open to others). Must be on TMobile. Cheap (less than £30).

We found this one which was perfect (http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/mobile-phones/ALCATEL-OT-S319/PPAY) but they sent us it locked to Orange and when we asked them to change it to the TMobile one we ordered they told us that they don't sell them, all Alcatel phones are locked to orange...which makes no sense because they SELL IT on the site as TMobile and her old Alcatel was Tmobile locked.

Any way I digress.

If any one can help me find some that meet those needs to show her, I would appreciate it
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What about this, we use this as our spare, and find it a really good phone.

Works on T-mobile / virgin

Has a great 'pink panther' ringtone built in!!!!!
Thank you, I thought that both the Fly and Motorola were promising but I showed her and she doesn't like either...she appears to have fallen in love with that Alcatel I listed above, but in purple/green! (yuk!)

Can any one help me track it down? I can only find it on ebay...it now doesn't have to be on TMobile, she's willing to pay a tenner to have it unlocked.

The model is Alcatel ot s319 -- she loves the purple and green one as mentioned but she also likes the butterfly patterened one that I also don't seem able to find anywhere.

Thanks if any one can help
I have seen a pink Alcatel flip phone in Orange shop for £4.99 + £10 top up.
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