cheap tots bots starter packs??

    i would really like a nice cheaper starter pack in size 1 and 2, pref bamboo but would be happy with the cotton ones thanks

    p.s first post am i doing it right?


    I've got 2 starter packs stage 1 cotton which we've never got round to using, people always seem to be buying us disposable nappies lol.

    I wouldn't know where to start selling them on here though if you were interested??

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    yeah hun i def would are they the day packs? are the white or coloured? and do they have wraps? how much were you thinking of for them?

    Its this pack…-11.

    I'd probably be looking at £20ish for each pack. They've been out of the pack to wash them ready for use but, as i said, we've never actually used them.

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    the link u just gave me were bamboo not cotton lol(bamboo are better) are they bamboo?

    When i click on the link it says this "Tots Bots Nappy Day Pack (Stage 1, Aplix Fastening, White Cotton)".

    they're definitely cotton! Not sure whats going on there lol

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    oh see in the pic it said bamboozels which are bamboo lol would it be £20 del? also i've never bought off here b4 wat do we do lol

    Absloutely no idea!! I'm in the same boat as you here!! I'll have to look into how much it would cost to deliver first, they're quite weighty, before i could confirm exactly how much it would cost.

    I'll look into how to set up a for sale thread and pm you when its done if thats ok?

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    ok lol

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    does it cost u 2 sell on here?

    i'm just watching 7 bn ones on ebay if they don't go 2 high i might get them instead tho as there bnib xxx

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    i didn't get them they went for £30 lol so hopefully i can do better than that

    What was the p&p on them?

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    that was del hun the listing went for £25.50 plus £5.50 pp also i got 14 little lambs for £5 del yesterday so postage will prob be around £4-£5

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    lol i mean the del on 14 ll was £5

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    did u manage to weigh them?

    Hey haven't had chance to weigh them, was the £5.50 postage for 1 or 2 packs?

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    it was 7 nappies hun but i got 14 nappies and 5 wraps and postage on them was £5 and that was on bounty so if you took them out of the packs postage wouldn't be 2 dear

    Sounds reasonable to me, how does £45 including p&p sound? I'll set up a for sale thread shortly, just bathing the little un!
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