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    hi does anyone know any train or bus discount codes need to travel between swansea and london on a saturday and sunday regularly appreciate any help on this


    ] and ] although they don't operate from Swansea directly - is there another nearby city?

    Are you going from Swansea to London on Saturday and back again on Sunday? Or are you looking for day returns?

    Or any Leeds to London tips.

    I checked this on ] for you and there are a few IFs...
    IF... you are under 26 years old you could buy a young persons rail card to make travel cheaper.
    IF... you travel off peak it would be cheaper.
    And IF... you book two single tickets instead of a return it would be cheaper (goodness knows why).
    A single is £10 and a return is £59 for an under 26 using a rail card and travelling outside peak times.

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    will be returning same day basically i ned to be in london by 3 pm saturdays and leaving after 18 30
    there used to be a cheap rail ticket travelling via salisbury but can not seem to find it now
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