cheap train tickets to birmingham from leeds???

    can anyone help with the above??

    gner dont run this route, so the cheap leeds to london is not an option.

    think best price is an advance ticket which is £26

    anyone know of a cheaper way??


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    As I said to someone wanting to travel by train other day,if you 25 or under you can get a young persons railcard but only worth purchasing if you tarvelling some distance to make use of it as they £20 ( sometimes there discount about to make it £15 ) or you need to be using it regularly throughout the year its valid to make use of the fee for it.So if 25 or under it might be for you,or if you travelling with children,try family railcard.

    It depends when you want to travel and how flexible you can be. Virgin offer the Value Advance which can save you a few pounds on the standard Advance especially if you are booking well in advance and can be more flexible but certain of making those trains. Often it is worth checking the relevant rail company's website as they often offer better deals than obvious elsewhere.

    From a quick hunt, I have seen a few 12.50 to Birmingham and 9.00 for the return journey: ]http//ww…spx

    A Virgin Money credit card can get you 10% off Value Advance fares too, apparently.

    If you're over 50, ]http//ww…030 may be useful for the return journey.
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