Cheap Train Tickets To Liverpool :(

Found 10th Oct 2008
Can anyone help me at all. Im looking to travel to Liverpool on the 24th October and return on the 28th ish October, but can never seem to find anything cheaper than like £60-£90, ive used all the websites i can thing of still cant seem to find anything.

I want to leave on the 24th at about 4.20pm as theres a train at 4:18 so would like that one and cant go any earlier as i dont finish work until 4.

Any help i would appreciate.
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you got a under 25 card?
where are you travelling from?

have you tried the mebabus.com / megatrain.com websites.. can get some quite bargainous seats on there
It would help if you tell us where you're leaving from.


Is good for getting cheap advance fares, it uses the same search engine as most of the individual train companies.

The trouble with leaving at 4.20 on Friday 24th October is it is peak travel times and the school half term starts that day, it will limit your option on cheap tickets.
if you join firsst great western you can get a £5 voucher off the price - not a lot and not sure if they run there but if they do if helps
Edit - Just applied for a 16-25 Railcard so that can be included.
O sorry knew i'd forgotten something. Its from Hemel Hempstead
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