Found 22nd Apr 2009
i have to travel from london to chester on the first train out on 25th april
can anyone tell me the cheapest return way on the same day
thank you

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checkout [url][/url]

just had a quick look cheapest i could find was £47 return (2 singles at £23.50 e/w) cheaper than return which is £66.40

would be cheaper if you chose another day!!!


checkout [url][/url] just had a quick look cheapest … checkout [url][/url] just had a quick look cheapest i could find was £47 returnwould be cheaper if you chose another day!!!

The bast way you can do it, is pick the train you want and get seprate trains maybe 3 tickets each way stopping and starting at and finishing at the same train station, OLD British Rail fairs are a load of Carp i saved 50% of my fair doing the same thing.

Also another easier way to do it, but not as cheap is to buy 2 singles but then you have to get the train on the ticket, so you cant miss your first train

Or try this site


This company even lets you actually book a seat, say with a table or facing forward etc etc

Don't think The Trainline offers this, at least they didn't the last time I booked through them

Yep, I agree with Chuckes1001, 2 singles often better than a return anf the prices can vary quite a lot between times. Travelling an hour later or maybe earlier, could save you pounds

Original Poster

thank you
still looking at all london to crewe then chester all singles seems to be cheapest and same return
going to chester university open day

Euston 0605 Crewe 0753 £7
Crewe-Chester £8.50 offpeak return valid on any train.
Crewe 1829 Euston 2004 £7
Total £22.50

For these prices use ] enter London and Crewe and the date and times and when the results come up select the cheapest single fare boxes over both the outward and return journeys and then, on the left hand side of the page, click on 'show slower routes' and check all the boxes except 'fastest services' then the 'update' button.
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