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    Does any1 no any cheap camper vans for June to travel down south coast, for 10 nite what is best to do?


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    Any 1 any help ?

    whats your budget? Youre going to be looking at about £130-£150 per day plus camp sites fees (about £40 per day).

    So, about £2000 for a 2 berth camper van for 10 days
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    Well I was wantin as cheap as poss, wud it be better to just book hotels? And drive my own car down

    Kind of 'no such thing as...' with campervans, I'm afraid.
    You do see cheaper short notice hire deals on Ebay sometimes.
    Air'B'n'B are now doing them too.

    This might be worth a look, though a bit random where the offers are.…ls/
    They look for people to drive their vans back to base or next hire, and costs you from £1 a day.
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