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    I was going to purchase insureandgo for 2 adults - multi-trip travel insurance (worldwide include usa) with baggage cover for 80 pounds. For me it is a good deal.

    However when i was checking some reviews, there are alot of people complaining against insuranceandgo for poor customer service when making a claim.

    Could someone advise me? If you made a claim with them, please let me know did it went?


    Hi yes I made a claim when all my stuff was stolen from my hire car after being in spain for about 30 min.

    I had to prove everything with police reports, hire car company report also had documents from the british embassy as my passport was in my hand luggage.
    I also took photos with my mobile on everything.
    I phoned them up to authorise me to buy clothes and they did so got all that back.
    The only things I didn't get money for were my sunglasses.

    To top the holiday off on the last day as had to get out of the villa in the morning, we spent the day at water world.
    About two hours before we were due to fly back my girlfriend broke her nose on the waterslide!
    If I had gone to the normal hospital we would have missed the flight, so I just paid for a private ambulance and was taken and treated and got the flight back.(just.)

    They wouldn't pay out on this as they had not authorised it. But by then with what had gone on I didn't care anymore.

    Well overall a cr4p holiday (was sunny all week though)

    So basically if you get authorisation for anything before you do it and have lots of evidence they will pay. If you cant provide evidence for things then they wont.

    I think with all the cheap travel insurance companies this will be the same as that how they keep the prices low.

    As with everything in life you get what you pay for.

    [url][/url] is a good way to find a good deal!

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    Wonderful I have booked a decent travel insurance from AA, it is not much different from InsureAndGo in terms of cost.

    PS is pretty good.

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