Cheap Trip to Australia from the 13th of Dec 2010 to 7th Jan 2011

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Found 19th Aug 2010
I was wondering if anyone could help.

Im after a flight to Oz from roughly the 13th of Dec to the 7th ish of Jan so i can meet up with my mate who is currently travelling.

I have not found many deals under £1000 which is over my budget. I would, ideally need a flight for about £600 to £700

If anyone knows of somewhere to look, that would be fantastic

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good luck searching. Christmas is notoriously bad.

you can try the usual websites:

netflights.co.uk - i find that they have flights left when others dont
sta travel

malaysian airlines often do regular cheap deals and are the best airline that I have flown with. If you're flexible regarding departure locations, then you can try international flights departing amsterdam, paris, stuggart etc.

However, in the UK, London has the most traffic so is your best bet. Last year I saw a flight from London and the same flight from Paris, connecting through london (pain I know especially as you need to catch the first leg of your journey or your seats are cancelled) for 400 pounds less.

you can also try purchasing one from an australian site?

It also depends on where you're flying into... Airports on the East coast are roughly the same price, but Perth is much cheaper... maybe think about booking an internal flight from Perth to the East coast... be beware this adds more travel time.

good luck

Original Poster

thank you very much in responding to my request.

Yes, i have found that the christmas period i want to go, is alot more exspensive!

I shall have a good look around all of these sites and find some site is Oz too, maybe they will be able to get some good deals for me.

Thanks for the tip to head to perth as it does seem to go down a few quid.

I didnt think about leaving from another country and to be honest, if it saves alot more cash, then i will try anything!

thanks again

Aid Asia had a sake on to Bankok then ox I thin k it worked out at £440

Original Poster

yeah I have seen those deals too which works out alot cheaper (no idea why).

If its a flight from the uk to oz, the cheapest i got was £1200 so may go for one of them deals and just get to oz lol!

I did see a few with china airways (or something like that) for £700 but, all sold out

Which part of oz are you going to?

avoid china airways. They are completely useless.... bad experience with them transfering within China! Twice.

from my experience, flights are typically announced around Tuesdays... so what you see now probably wont change much until next week. I've monitored flights to and from Australia for 4 years. This week one airline will do a deal, then next another will. So check again next week.

Also avoid flying on Fri-Sat, they're typically the most expensive.

I see 1153 with united, but they're going to fly through the US, that's why the time is 30+ hours and now you need to pay for visas through the US, even for just transiting (I think)

1191 Euros through Paris on those dates. (ebookers.fr)

Original Poster

im looking to go to sydney where I will be meeting my mate has he is currently backpacking and hopefully gonna do a section travelling with him for nearly 4 weeks (ish).

not to self, avoid china airways

ah ok, so all the prices changes etc.. on a tuesday? i didnt know that and, i shall be scouting around again on tuesday, cheers for the tip there!

ah so thats why that flight was so exspensive! now i didnt think of looking at the ebookers site in france. is this flight then from the uk or from france (stupid question i know).

I don't know for sure that flights change on Tuesdays.. that just seems to be the pattern on expedia, opodo etc, and for sales... so don't hold me to that information. I get regular newletters from the flight companies on this day too.

the flight was from Paris to Sydney... so you'd still need to get to Paris as well. I didn't try Melbourne or Brisbane.

Yeah, it's nice to travel with a friend..especially considering the length of the journey... but if it's cheaper a few days later, don't be afraid to see something else in the country.

Bit of advice, going earlier _might_ help your costs... I went back around the 7th Dec one year, and it was still quite cheap.

Original Poster

well i took your helpful information again and just tried a bunch of dates and i found from the 13th of dec to 13th of jan was the best time.

I came up with £779 round trip through travel house uk. Still slightly exspensive but alot cheaper than anywhere else. Thats flying with etihad


yeah, unfortunately you need to avoid all the people going home for Christmas (or at least travelling in that period)... and the airlines like to make money of suckers travelling at christmas.

Your deals sounds excellent. I've never flown with etihad, but a friend of mine who lives in the NL (australian) says he always opts to fly with them. And they're affiliated with star alliance I think... so you can mileage points through them.

good luck

ps: check if you have booking fees too with these numbers... and often they sell out quickly...

pps: you also need to think about whether cheaper tickets, making you stay for longer, create larger accommodation costs, because you're there longer...
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