Cheap Tyres (245 55 18)

Found 10th Aug
Does anybody have a recommendation as to where I can get replacement tyres at a good price (size 245 55 18)?

I usually just go to one of the well known fitting centres as I know absolutely nothing about cars other than how to drive one, though I’m aware that this may not be to most cost effective method of purchase.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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You could try black circles (you buy online and then choose from a list of garages to have them fitted).

Alternatively buy them through Kwik fit or ATS but online. You can usually get some topcashback or quidco through ATS and I find them quicker than Kwik fit.

Before buying your tyres check the size you posted as it doesn’t seem valid in any of the 3 places I checked. You can get the size from the side of the tyre.

Budget vs branded tyres.

Remember budget tyres can be less hard wearing and often have slightly less grip. Tyres aren’t for just driving on, they keep you gripped to the road in all weathers and help you brake more quickly. My tyre preference is Michelin or continental. Michelin usually have good offers through ATS when you buy two or four tyres.

Tyre sizing based on your example:

The number 245 is the tyre width.
The number 55 is the profile which is a percentage number of the overall tyre width. So 60% of 245.
The number 18 or R18 is your wheel run size.

You should always match your tyre size to your car exactly however in theory you could change the profile size slightly but that may affect your speedometer reading.

If in doubt seek advice from a garage/tyre fitter.
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You might want to check Halfords online as well. They came up cheapest for me when I was after new tyres for budget tyres.

Prices are cheaper online, rather than going into store. You order the tyres and book the fitting appointment with garage online and you’ll save a lot rather than if you just went in store.
Remember some online retailers are supply only and you need to factor in 10 - 15 quid per tyre fitting
Try Costco .
Blusphere1 h, 9 m ago

Try Costco .

Used to be cheap for Michelins a long, long time ago. Now, they are usually expensive. They also, very annoyingly, insist on rotating tyres. This is promoted by manufacturers and is a sure fire way of reducing tyre life. Front wheel drive includes front wheel steering and front wheel braking. That's where you want new tyres.
Thanks for your responses, all. Much, much appreciated.
Piggybacking on this a bit, how much should you expect to pay for fitting a tyre and for tracking/alignment at a garage?
If they’re standard size wheels on your car, it would probably be a good idea not to get the cheapest tyre. At least get a good mid range one. I’ve used Black Circles in the past with good success. Don’t forget Quidco too
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