cheap unlocked PAYG phone w/ camera?

    i'm super clumsy and managed to drop my phone down the toilet ( no alcohol involved, i slipped in the bathroom and my walking stick knocked it off the cistern).

    Been out of work for almost a year due to disability and now i need to get a phone fairly quickly as mine has unsurprisingly died and i need it as back up if i go out. Needs to be fairly easy to use and preferably have a camera (my meds make it quite hard to remember things so i end up taking pictures of lots of things to remind me about them). Would prefer an unlocked phone as i actually know my number at the moment...could take a year to learn another one!

    I had a little look around myself but there's too many and i'm not great with technology so if anyone could help would be hugely grateful.

    Would also need to be pretty cheap as my funds are limited (really was an expense i could've done without.)



    Hi littlemissmanics,
    welcome to HUKD!

    Whats your budget?
    Do you prefer a certain brand?

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    not good with nokia's...we just dont get on. Tried but i just get frustated with them, aside from that i can bumble my way through most other phones.

    Budget is quite ridiculously small too. Can probably go upto £50 tops. I know i'm using a lot of wishful thinking being able to get anything that'll actually work for that price, but its a choice between a phone or my prescription meds, and i quite like being able to move occasionally so sticking with the meds.

    No problem, we can find you something great for that!

    OK heres one I'd recommend:

    VK 530 - its got a pretty good camera, small, light, flip top, 2 light up screens, great graphics, I actually have one and for the money they are super! It also comes in pink - yay!

    As a plus point I find this phone quite easy to operate with one hand as everythings well placed - thought I'd mention that due to you having a walking stick.

    Plus being small and light its well suited to putting on a neck clip. You barely feel it there. Plus it would prevent it from going down the toilet - lol

    Sound expensive? Get a working one for about £15 to £20 from ebay.

    I'll have a scout round and see what else I can come up with for you
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